Monday, May 8, 2017

Best Buy and Vivint Strike Deal to bring Smart Homes to your local store

Best Buy and Vivint have reached a deal to bring Vivint smart home technology products to 400 stores. Expect to see at least one Vivint employee in each store to help shoppers gain a greater understanding of what smart homes can do for them and help them overcome their fears.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zappos, Where A 9-Hour Customer Service Phone Chat Is A Good Thing

Zappos, Where A 9-Hour Customer Service Phone Chat Is A Good Thing:

Many front-line customer service reps are judged on how quickly they can get a customer off the phone, a metric we’ve repeatedly pointed out leads to consumers’ issues going unresolved. But the folks at apparently aren’t as clock-minded, with one record-setting call crossing the nine-hour mark.
In fact, that endurance test of a phone call was closer to 10 hours, finally clocking in at nine hours and 37 minutes....

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bad Siri! She'll let anyone use a locked iPhone 4S

The voice-activated feature on the new iPhone 4S will let anyone use the phone to send e-mails and text messages and make calls even if it is passcode locked, Macworld has reported....
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It’s a beautiful day for some baseball...searches, that is

These days, thanks to the movie “Moneyball,” everyone is talking about evaluating baseball through the lens of data and statistics. As the World Series matchup between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals begins, we thought: why not take a look at what the search data says about the players, managers and other aspects of the 2011 baseball postseason?

Let’s start with the teams themselves. The Cardinals are more popular in search than the Rangers. Perhaps that’s because the Redbirds—not your typical underdogs with 10 World Series titles and 18 pennants—were 10 games back from the NL Wild Card in September, and have since overpowered the regular season’s best Phillies, then their division mates the Brewers to win the NLCS last weekend. The Rangers are in the World Series for the second year in a row, still without a title to their name; yet searches were higher in the last months for the team they defeated in the ALCS, the Detroit Tigers, who saw an even steeper increase in search interest than the Cardinals.

The Cards are known first and foremost for their hitting, but Chris Carpenter overtook first baseman Albert Pujols for a period earlier this month after the former pitched a complete game against Philadelphia to advance his team to the NLCS.


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Report: Great Scot! DMC announces all-electric DeLorean for 2013

DeLorean Electric

Given the car's iconic classic/futuristic status, it's no surprise that the DeLorean DMC-12 is a popular car for DIY electric car conversions. That an honest-to-goodness official DeLorean EV is coming from Humble, Texas' reborn DeLorean Motor Company itself, though? That we did not see coming. It makes sense, though. If you're gonna build a time machine electric car, why not do it with some style?...

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It’s Official: To Protect Baby’s Brain, Turn Off TV

A decade ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that parents limit TV consumption by children under two years of age. The recommendations were based as much on common sense as science, because studies of media consumption and infant development were themselves in their infancy.
The research has finally grown up. And though it’s still ongoing, it’s mature enough for the AAP to release a new, science-heavy policy statement on babies watching television, videos or any other passive media form.
Their verdict: It’s not good, and probably bad.
Media, whether playing in the background or designed explicitly as an infant educational tool, “have potentially negative effects and no known positive effects for children younger than 2 years,” concluded the AAP’s report, released Oct. 18 at the Academy’s annual meeting in Boston and scheduled for November publication in the journal Pediatrics. “Although infant/toddler programming might be entertaining, it should not be marketed as or presumed by parents to be educational.”...
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How to Deal With a Job You Hate

It’d be great if we all had creative, fulfilling jobs with fantastic bosses and brilliant colleagues. The truth is, though, that an awful lot of people – some figures suggesting as many as 80% - are dissatisfied with their jobs....
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