Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Couple can sue service that monitored their net sex

A federal judge is allowing a lawsuit to proceed against a laptop-tracking service that surreptitiously intercepted explicit images from a public school teacher during an investigation of a stolen computer.

Susan Clements-Jeffrey filed the suit against Absolute Software after one of its employees captured steamy chats and naked images of her and her out-of-state boyfriend, according to an article from and other reports. The investigation, which intercepted images of the woman naked and her legs spread, commenced after a used computer she bought for $60 from one of her students had Absolute's LoJack for Laptops installed on it – and the laptop turned out to be stolen property...
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Pet Humor: Fred thinks he's an Elephant!

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Kathie Lee and Hoda Beatboxing to Earth, Wind & Fire

The End Of Social Media 1.0

I would like to talk about an inflection point in social media that requires pause. I am not suggesting that there will be a social media 2.0 or 3.0 for that matter. Nor do I see the term social media departing our vocabulary any time soon. After all, it was recently added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Instead, what I would like to discuss is the end of an era of social media that will force the industry to mature. It won’t happen on its own however. Evolution will occur because consumers demand it and also because you’re willing to stake your job on it...

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The big list of free Kindle tools

Kindle ToolboxThere are quite a few programs and web services that can be really useful to Kindle owners. This post compiles 17 of these that every Kindle user should know about, ranging from eBook conversion programs to services that can broadcast your favorite websites to your Kindle.
Note that many of the tools listed here aren’t strictly Kindle specific, but can be very useful to anyone who has a Kindle or any other eBook reading device, such as PDF cropping tools and eBook conversion apps, etc.
Areas covered include ‘eBook Reading Tools’, ‘General eBook Conversion’ , ‘PDF to Kindle Conversion’, ‘Organizing files on your Kindle’, and ‘Sending web content to your Kindle’.
eBook Reading Tools:
1. Kindle Cloud Reader: read eBooks from anywhere
2. Kindle Reader for PC and Mac: read eBooks on your computer
3. Kindle Previewer: see how converted eBooks will look on your Kindle
General EBook Conversion:
4. Amazon Kindle email conversion service: free online eBook conversion service
5. Calibre: eBook conversion and management software
6. Hamster Free eBook Converter: casual, powerful eBook converter
7. Auto Kindle eBook Converter: converts PDF, Lit, and HTML files to Kindle-friendly .MOBI format
PDF to Kindle conversion:
8. Briss: visual PDF cropping tool
9. K2PDFopt: converts complex PDF’s into Kindle friendly ones
- Also see my two related how-to articles on optimizing PDFs for reading on the Kindle (here and here).
Organizing files on your Kindle:
10. Koll3ction: use folder structures to organize your Kindle documents into collections
Sending Web Content to your Kindle:
11. SENDtoREADER: bookmarklet to send any web pages, Google Reader entries to your Kindle
12. Kindle It: browser extension that will send any web page to the Kindle
13. KindleFeeder: deliver up to 12 RSS feeds to your Kindle via whispernet
14. Greader2Kindle: read your Google Reader feeds on your Kindle
15. Instapaper: automatically delivers unread Instapaper articles to your Kindle
16. ReadItLater: deliver unread ReadItLater articles to your Kindle
17. Readability: receive your Readability reading list automatically on your Kindle
Other tools: a few that I wasn’t motivated to write mini reviews for...

Humor: youtube, me cat.

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Think You're An Auditory Or Visual Learner? Scientists Say It's Unlikely

We've all heard the theory that some students are visual learners, while others are auditory learners. And still other kids learn best when lessons involve movement.

But should teachers target instruction based on perceptions of students' strengths? Several psychologists say education could use some "evidence-based" teaching techniques, not unlike the way doctors try to use "evidence-based medicine."...
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Black Shine On Black Matte Manicure

black on black -shine on matte
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Song of the Day - Admiral Fallow - "Squealing Pigs"

Squealing Pigs - Boots Met My Face

School Superintendent Larry Powell Takes $800,000 Pay Cut Over Next Three Years - ABC News

When a headline starts, "School Official Gives Himself a Hefty..." the next word is usually "Raise."
But in Fresno County, Calif., School Superintendent Larry Powell gave himself a hefty pay cut.
On Aug. 31, Powell will retire and then be hired back to fill the remainder of his four year term, reducing his now $250,000 annual salary to $31,020. The move will add over $800,000 to county schools over the next three years.
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New Era Commercial - 912 (with Alec Baldwin & John Krasinski)

Screenshot of Steve Jobs's Calendar

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Students vs Prisoners - Benefits in Michigan

Our Michigan personal injury lawyers came across an interesting proposal from Nathan Bootz, the Superintendent of Ithaca Public Schools about financial cuts in spending for social services and public education. His proposal was to make his schools more like a prison - meaning equal funding for both the student and the prisoner.

Based upon his proposal, we created an infographic to visually display the difference between benefits of students in our Michigan school systems vs. prisoners in the State of Michigan....

Student vs. Prisoners - Benefits in Michigan

Buckfire & Buckfire | Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers]

Financial Times Apps Finally Pulled From iOS

Two months after the deadline for compliance hit, it’s now clear The Financial Times and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) can’t come to a compromise over the new requirement that in-app subscription payments must go through iTunes Store.
The paper’s iPad and iPhone apps have disappeared from iTunes Store. Apple says the FT took them down to comply with its new terms.

It is a blow to the FT, whose apps had processed subscription transactions independently. Last year, 10 percent of its new digital subscriptions were taken out on iPads. But the publisher says its model is premised on owning data about customers that goes through along with transactions. This was more important to it than Apple’s 30 percent take, CEO John Ridding told me recently...

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Steve Jobs’ Greatest Legacy: Persuading The World To Pay For Content

...What happened? Steve Jobs happened, mainly. The hardware and design team at Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) came up with the iPod (initially intended to be a way to sell more Macintosh computers), and then followed the iTunes Music Store – a great way to tie people to Apple by selling music. In 2003 Jobs persuaded the music companies – which wouldn’t license their songs to bigger names like Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) – to go with him because, he said, Apple was tiny (which it was, at the time). The risk if people did start sharing songs from the store was minimal, he argued...

...Nowadays Apple sells TV shows, films, books, apps, as well as music. We take the explosion in available content for granted. But without Jobs, it’s likely we wouldn’t be here at all; his negotiating skill is the thing that Apple, and possibly the media industry, will miss the most, because he got them to open up to new delivery mechanisms....

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Andreas Englund: Oil paintings of Superhero on the wrong side of 40

Click Through For Full Series:
Andreas Englund originally hails from Falun, Sweden, but is currently based out of Stockholm. Englund creates an absolutely hilarious series of oil on canvas paintings of a beloved superhero on the wrong side of 40 just trying to get by in his twilight years. We’ll all see to that day ourselves at one point in our lives. None of us live forever. Who wants too?
art blog - Andreas Englund - empty kingdom

art blog - Andreas Englund - empty kingdom
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Health:Tweet - ...use soda just to get rust off a shovel

An old tweet but the "rust off a shovel" line is a classic:

HEALTH MYTH: Diet soda isn't better. A can/day doubles your obesity risk. Use soda just to get rust off a shovel.Thu Feb 10 13:47:04 via web

Eyeborg Man Rob Spence Fits Video Camera Into Prosthetic Eye

...Rob Spence told Sky News the technology is like something you would usually only see in films and as a result he got backing from experts in the field.
"It wasn't easy but because it's so like (science) fiction, engineers had a lot of fun making it.

"I was able to do it without a budget - it was a fun project for these guys."...
Rob Spence
The video camera transmits to a handheld screen
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Humor: You Know You Do This

job fails - You Know You Do This


The generation gap [comic]


Full story at Mashable.

Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling


Reporter Gives Update Covered In Sea Foam

Said to be remnants of raw sewage:

"It doesn't taste great."

The NYT launches a Twitter feed for live coverage of breaking news

As Hurricane Irene storms its way toward the Eastern seaboard — and as news organizations scramble to cover it — The New York Times has launched @NYTLive, a Times-run account featuring “in-depth Twitter curation of major news stories by New York Times editors.”
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Sharpton's New MSNBC Gig Part Of A Bigger Story

The cable news network MSNBC chose civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton as its new host last week.

Starting Monday, Sharpton will begin hosting the network's 6 p.m. hour. His hiring came after weeks of speculation; Sharpton had been guest hosting in that time slot. MSNBC's decision has been about as controversial as Sharpton himself.

World’s Quickest Electric Car Is a ’72 Datsun, Does 0-60 in 1.8 Seconds!

Out on the dragstrip, the last vehicle you’d expect to be crushing BMWs and Ferraris is a 1972 Datsun. But John Wayland’s White Zombie is anything but ordinary. The electrified Datsun 1200 does 0-60 in a jaw-dropping 1.8 seconds.

White Zombie Battery
Battery pack designed exclusively for the Navy

The two-door coupe sports a dual-armature 9″ series-wound electric motor that was especially built for Wayland. Its battery pack is 192 lithium-polymer cells totaling to 355 Volts and 22.7 kWh of energy. The vehicle has a 90-mile range and it is even street legal. With over 500-plus horses, it’s no surprise the Zombie takes a quarter-mile in just ten seconds....
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Advertising: Schick: Tattoo

This creative print advertisement was created for Schick, is a brand of safety razors by Wilkinson. As you can see the razors are so sharp it even shaves the tiger’s fur off the tattoo of the woman her leg. Tagline that goes along is: “the power of 4″.

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Prank: Head In The Cooler

Head In The Cooler brought to you by Funny Videos

Head In The Cooler

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi, I’m Google. And I’m a Librarian.

This photo (of the carpet at the Gungahlin Public Library in Canberra, Australia) has been making the rounds, but succinctly sums up why librarians aren’t going anywhere:

Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one. Neil Gaiman

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Photography: Reconsidering The Moon

Click through for full photo series:
...Of course, since the dawn of time, children have looked up at the moon and fantasized about being able to pluck it from the sky if only they had ladder tall enough. That’s why I love this playful series of images by photographer Laurent Lavender showing people interacting with the moon in all kinds of ways. We’ve featured some of her images before and while they may not be the strongest illusions featured here, they are stunning photos that truly capture the childhood feeling of being able to reach out to the moon and turn it in to a new toy!

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Angie's List files for $75M IPO

Angie's List, a site where members can hire and review local contractors for auto or home services, filed Thursday to raise up to $75 million in an initial public offering.

Angie's List was founded in 1995, and at the ripe age of 16 the company is much older than its fellow Internet companies who have recently filed for IPOs -- including Groupon, LinkedIn and Pandora. It has amassed around 2.2 million reviews on its site...

Illinois college becomes first to ask undergrads if they're gay

Elmhurst College, a private liberal arts school in suburban Chicago affiliated with the United Church of Christ, has become the first college in the country to ask an optional question about a student's sexual orientation and gender identity on an undergraduate admission form, according to the school and a gay rights advocacy group...



epic fail photos - GPS FAIL
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Tube and train commuters caught on camera

There are over 12 thousand CCTV cameras on the London Underground system, monitoring the movements of millions of passengers every single day.

But some commuters are also doing their own electronic reconnaissance.

There are a growing number of websites and photo galleries dedicated to critiquing the appearance, dress and behaviour of fellow travellers... is now so popular it has encouraged a sister twitter account to be set up in New York - @subwaycrush....

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